Frequently asked questions

How could I order a 3D animation?

Please simply send us your request per email to info@animotions.co . We will come back to you with potential questions regarding the focus or unique selling points of your animation. The following workflow is described in the next question. Please double check.

What will be the development/workflow of a costumised 3D animation ?

The workflow is following these simple steps:

  1. Your request will be transfered into a story- and or mood-board
  2. Based on this moodboard/layout we will estimate the costs and send you a detailed proposal
  3. After receiving your proposal confirmation we will work on product and storyline
  4. With complex projects we will create animatics for your review.
  5. After reviewing and confirming the review we will create prerendered files of products and animations flow
  6. After confirming the prerender review, we will proceed with the final rendering and postproduction of your 3D animation
  7. The last step is to add audio and captures to the 3D animation
  8. We deliver your 3D animation in any technical format you request

Will you reshape our 3D animation for social media?

Yes of course. Please tell us for which media channels you want to use your 3D animation. We will consider all formats before we start producing the final versions. Selection of media formats:

  1. 1080p /720p mov-file for Facebook, Google, Youtube, Linkedin Instagram shared videos: 1080 pixels wide Youtube video thumbnail: 1280x720 (SD) and 1920x1080 (HD)
  2. 4K resolution for bigger screens and projections
Here a link to our friends from makeawebsitehub who will help you with social media. They developed am fabulous guide of social media formats.

How will your 3D animation be delivered ?

We will deliver your 3D animation via www.wetransfer.com simply by sending you a download link. If you wish we can use other delivery ways like FTP transfer.

What will be the development/production time for your 3D animation ?

The time to produce your 3D animation depends of course on the lenght and complexity of your concept. In general we need 2 weeks lead time to plan and organize the assets of the 3D animation. Depending on the complexity we need 2-6 weeks for review and rendering of a 3-5 min for example medical animation. Lead time for 3D characters development need up to 8 weeks. Please talk to us about your product and focus of your 3D animation. We will find the way to create a high quality 3D animation in the best time possible.

What will be the content of a proposal ? Cost-Benefit-Analysis.

After your brief we will work on a detailed proposal, including a detailed breakdown of all labour and creative work, following your inputs. Based on the first proposal please feel free to discuss the costs. Our creative team will offer ideas and concepts for the best Cost-Benefit-Analysis.

Can I chat with the team ?

Yes - of course - please use the chat button in the right lower corner of the website. We will assist you during our office opening times from 9:00-17:00 GMT.

FREE ZOOM CALL: Can you introduce me to the process,findings ideas,discussing finance etc booking a zoom call ?

Yes of course. We are happy to schedule a zoom call with yourself and your team. Just send as your request to info@animotions.co.uk or info@vr-med.com. We will come back to you as quick as possible. Thank you.